Sarah Slaughter DC ND

Doctor of Chiropractic  

Traditional Naturopathy  

Clinical Nutritionist

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3673 Sixteenth Street

(Between Castro and Noe)

San Francisco, CA 94114


Telephone 415. 989.9805

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I received a doctorate in Chiropractic in 1985 and I became a Traditional Naturopath in 1993. I received a post doctorate in nutrition and was certified as a clinical nutritionist in 1995.

As a young woman I had the great fortune to work with very talented clinical practitioners who became my role models in Natural Medicine and my inspiration to pursue formal education. They helped guide me through my own early diagnosis of arthritis and asthma, both of which I have learned to manage to the point of being recovered.

  1. Dr Cordelia Richmond, an osteopath, taught me to persevere and respect the discipline of natural health by using science and intuition. Through an apprenticeship I gained a broad range of techniques for treating illness.

  2. Dr Rose Ertler was a Naprapath who instilled the love and manipulation of the ribcage! The ribcage is important to the viscera and the ability of the neck to balance the cranium. (And you thought it was all tight shoulders and neck.) She loved Craniopathy and especially Sacral Occipital Technique. There is a website dedicated to her library via other mentors Dr. Elaine Stocker and Dr. De Jarnette.

My formal training and my work with these practitioners and others taught me the art of diagnosing the origins of pain and disease. In my practice I look for the healing pathways and customize my approach to each person’s unique manifestation of illness. I use time-honored, tested hands-on therapy techniques, keeping in mind the wisdom of the body to improve and heal. My goal is always to support my patients’ capacity to listen and respond to their own needs so together we can create the conditions for a full recovery. I want to help my patients’ understand the root of their problem and come to see that healing is a natural state of the body, nurtured by good nutrition, the right treatments, movement and positive spirit. I treat the whole person and work to complement both eastern and western treatment approaches.

Additional studies were 1970’s Applied Kinesiology and in the late 1970’s started studying various cranial techniques. Also I studied in the early 1980’s the bloodless surgery or better known today as visceral manipulation. I was taught Pilates teacher training by Romana Kryanowska in 1991.

I am a lifetime learner of the healing arts and sciences. I am an avid gardener, thanks to my family. I ran a small farm with Jersey cows and have set up community gardens in senior and public housing. I have been a volunteer for gardens around San Francisco. I have petitioned state legislature on fair taxation of farmers in Massachusetts, and I belong to the Weston A. Price Organization, a national educational and legislative coalition of consumers and farmers.

Dr. Sarah Slaughter is first and foremost a healer. She is also a highly trained and skilled practitioner who uses her talent at diagnosing the origins of pain and disease to apply a variety of powerful, tested therapies to set a healing pathway that is specific to each person’s distinct expression of illness.

She taught me to have confidence that my body wants to heal and how to listen to its needs and nurture that healing, and moreover, how to create the conditions for that healing. I suffered a serious accident which involved managing 10-level sustained pain over a two-year period which kicked up my migraines from a monthly annoyance to a daily affliction. Sarah diagnosed the root of the pain, helped me to manage the bevy of Western Medical Doctors who focus on symptoms not causes, and designed a natural protocol that led to my ultimate recovery.

She never gave up at solving the puzzle of my condition and jumped the paradigms to find the solutions. She took me in as a partner and taught me to continue my self-healing. She is phenomenally dedicated to her patients. She practices with the love of a healer while bringing to bear her 20 years of experience, knowledge and credentials. All to say, I had no choice but to recover. My gratitude is forever.

Sally Jo Fifer, President, CEO

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