Sarah Slaughter DC ND

Doctor of Chiropractic  

Traditional Naturopathy  

Clinical Nutritionist

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3673 Sixteenth Street

(Between Castro and Noe)

San Francisco, CA 94114


Telephone 415. 989.9805

My commitment is to provide my patients with the best treatment, education and insight for their optimal health.

In my 24 years of practice I look for the healing pathways and customize my approach to each person’s unique manifestation of illness. I use time-honored, tested hands-on therapy techniques, keeping in my mind the wisdom of the body to improve and heal. My goal is always to support my patients’ capacity to listen and respond to their own needs so together we can create the conditions for a full recovery.

  1. In Chiropractic I use a system that focuses on the structure of the body—the assumption being that when a body maintains proper structure, function will be restored and health preserved.

  2. I use Traditional Naturopathy to focus on natural remedies and the body's ability to heal and maintain itself.

  3. Using Clinical Nutrition, I look to restore balance and maintain the essential systems of the body.

  4. I find Cranial Therapy to be a useful method of integrating the physical/biomechanical and the energetic/emotional aspects of the whole person.

I love natural physical medicine. While it constantly embraces new paradigms and breakthroughs, natural medicine is the oldest, wisest and gentlest way of health.

Chiropractic, Tradition Naturopathy and Nutrition can address multiple conditions such as:

  1. Musculoskeletal system: Low back pain, sciatica/leg pain, herniated disc problems, hip, neck and shoulder pain, tension and migraine headaches, auto accident related injuries, wrist and elbow pain or numbness, tendonitis, sprains and strains, knees, ankle, TMJ, total body alignment, repetitive stress syndrome

  2. Digestive system:  natural remedies for acidity/heartburn, ulcers, food allergies

  3. Endocrine system: adrenal fatigue, low functioning thyroid

  4. Immune system: repetitive colds and flu

  5. Allergy related: food sensitivities, asthma, hay fever

  6. Female issues: problems related to menstrual cycle, menopause, pregnancy

  7. Childhood illness: colds and coughs, asthma, food allergies, hyperactivity

I began to see Dr. Slaughter over 12 years ago. I had gone to three chiropractors and had minimal relief. My last chiropractor could not unlock my stiff back and decided to refer me to Dr. Slaughter. After the first month I experienced a great deal of relief and stabilization, I could manage my pain better.  Sarah listened and we discovered what works best for me. I have mostly good days and manage the bouts of pain by exercise and good sleeping habits. I have now gone from constant pain to a decrease of at least 90% less pain in my daily life. My quality of life is much better now. I strongly recommend her to my friends and people with chronic neck and back problems.

Sandra McGinley,  Artist                                                                                                

Dr. Sarah Slaughter transcends her nominal title of doctor to that of healer in the most profound sense. There have been many occasions when the sound of her voice has initiated recovery from discomfort. And that is simply on the telephone!

Dr. Sarah “with a name like mine you have to be gentle” Slaughter inspires complete confidence as well as giggly delight in the universe. I have learned so much from Sarah and am happy to share the planet with such a fine person.

A real “mensch” as we say in Jewish.

Sasha Cutler, RN PhD, Nurse Educator

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