Sarah Slaughter DC ND

Doctor of Chiropractic  

Traditional Naturopathy  

Clinical Nutritionist

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3673 Sixteenth Street

(Between Castro and Noe)

San Francisco, CA 94114


Telephone 415. 989.9805

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Health history, a physical examination and hands-on treatment comprise the first visit. Wear lightweight clothing and socks that are comfortable. In addition to providing hands-on therapy, I may advise you on work ergonomics, posture, stretching, and possible food and nutritional supplements. Only if necessary, X-rays, MRI and other diagnostic tests are prescribed.
Everyone’s healing time is different. Factors that influence healing may include: how long you’ve had the condition; if you have suffered a trauma; or if the condition has developed slowly. Your constitutional health and how your ability to process stress will also affect your healing process. You may show substantial improvement with as few as three visits or the work may require more time and effort, on both our parts. Referrals are made if improvement is not forthcoming. A referring health care team can include PT, Acupuncture, MD, and exercise trainer.
My ultimate goal is to keep you pain free and healthy. My objective is to bring you to the point where you rarely need to see me except for the occasional checkup and maintenance treatment to ensure the optimum quality of life.

Sarah treats me for lower back pain due to a congenital malformation of the spine. At one point I went to a physical therapist that gave me a set of morning exercises. When I showed them to Sarah, she suggested some small modifications, which greatly extended my range of motion and flexibility well beyond what I had previously achieved. She really knows what she's doing and I trust her. Her sessions make a big difference.

Ross C., Graphic Designer

My husband Steve and I have been seeing Dr. Sarah Slaughter for over 18 years now. During these times, she had helped us come through a major bike accident, extensive orthodontic works causing palatal and skull bones movements and various injuries. My husband refuses to see anyone else except Dr. Slaughter.  

Now that we are living more or less in Hawaii, we make sure that we get our chiropractic care from Dr. Slaughter whenever we come back to San Francisco. Additionally, after running a back-to-back marathon about four years ago, I went into adrenal burn-out.  Dr. Slaughter recommended I start with a hair analysis program and find out the mineral supplementation plan they recommend.  I began taking supplements and after about a year my husband also started the program. After four years, my energy level has come back. I hardly get sick, my allergies are subsiding and my immune level is so much better than before. I have since run another half-marathon, a 10K and am planning to train for the Honolulu Marathon this year.  

My husband is also impressed that he hardly gets sick, his allergies are also subsiding and among his friends, he appears the healthiest of all of them! Mahalo, Sarah!!  

Your grateful patients,

Margaret and Steve Roy, Punaluu, (O’ahu), HI