My commitment is to provide my patients with the best treatment, education and insight for their optimal health.

In my 35 years of practice I look for the healing pathways and customize my approach to each person’s unique manifestation of illness. I use time-honored, tested hands-on therapy techniques, keeping in my mind the wisdom of the body to improve and heal. My goal is always to support my patients’ capacity to listen and respond to their own needs so together we can create the conditions for a full recovery.

  • In Chiropractic I use a system that focuses on the structure of the body—the assumption being that when a body maintains proper structure, function will be restored and health preserved.
  • I use Traditional Naturopathy to focus on natural remedies and the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself.
  • Using Clinical Nutrition, I look to restore balance and maintain the essential systems of the body.
  • I find Cranial Therapy to be a useful method of integrating the physical/biomechanical and the energetic/emotional aspects of the whole person.

I love natural physical medicine. While it constantly embraces new paradigms and breakthroughs, natural medicine is the oldest, wisest and gentlest way of health.

Chiropractic, Tradition Naturopathy and Nutrition can address multiple conditions such as:

  • Musculoskeletal system: Low back pain, sciatica/leg pain, herniated disc problems, hip, neck and shoulder pain, tension and migraine headaches, auto accident related injuries, wrist and elbow pain or numbness, tendonitis, sprains and strains, knees, ankle, TMJ, total body alignment, repetitive stress syndrome
  • Digestive system:  natural remedies for acidity/heartburn, ulcers, food allergies
  • Endocrine system: adrenal fatigue, low functioning thyroid
  • Immune system: repetitive colds and flu
  • Allergy related: food sensitivities, asthma, hay fever
  • Female issues: problems related to menstrual cycle, menopause, pregnancy
  • Childhood illness: colds and coughs, asthma, food allergies, hyperactivity

I began to see Dr. Slaughter over 12 years ago. I had gone to three chiropractors and had minimal relief. My last chiropractor could not unlock my stiff back and decided to refer me to Dr. Slaughter. After the first month I experienced a great deal of relief and stabilization, I could manage my pain better.  Sarah listened and we discovered what works best for me. I have mostly good days and manage the bouts of pain by exercise and good sleeping habits. I have now gone from constant pain to a decrease of at least 90% less pain in my daily life. My quality of life is much better now. I strongly recommend her to my friends and people with chronic neck and back problems.

Sandra McGinley,  Artist                                                                                               

Dr. Sarah Slaughter transcends her nominal title of doctor to that of healer in the most profound sense. There have been many occasions when the sound of her voice has initiated recovery from discomfort. And that is simply on the telephone!

Dr. Sarah “with a name like mine you have to be gentle” Slaughter inspires complete confidence as well as giggly delight in the universe. I have learned so much from Sarah and am happy to share the planet with such a fine person.

A real “mensch” as we say in Jewish.

Sasha Cutler, RN PhD, Nurse Educator

My practice is a system of therapy based on preventative care, which integrates traditional natural therapeutics aligned with nature. These include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Chiropractic was founded in the U.S. in 1897. It is a drug free health care system based on the scientific fact that your body is self-healing. This health care system focuses on the structure of the body, the assumption being that when a body maintains proper structure, function will be restored and health preserved. Manipulative healing techniques from Europe immigrated to America. Chiropractic, Traditional Naturopathy and Naprapathy are from this tradition.
  • Traditional Naturopathy is an eclectic system that focuses on natural remedies and the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself. It is a holistic approach that emphasizes the use of natural remedies and preventative care.
  • Naprapathy was influenced in the early 1900’s by Chiropractic and Osteopathic manipulation. Naprapathy’s focus is on the role of ligaments in the body to improve structural alignment, promote balance and provide pain relief.
  • Cranial Therapy is a gentle and subtle form of hands-on bodywork. The innate rhythmicity of the central nervous system can be felt all through the body. The head (cranium) and the base of the spine (sacrum) are usually key areas of focus. This method integrates the physical, biomechanical, energetic and emotional aspects. I have been a guest lecturer and taught cranial therapy to doctorate students.
  • Nutrition as a healing system focuses on the balance of food intake and absorption. Absorption of nutrients is essential to maintain homeostasis, which regulates the digestive, endocrine, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Absorption can be compromised by food allergies or hypersensitivities, which must be identified and addressed. Optimum functioning is important because more than half of the immune system is located in the digestive tract.

I met Dr. Slaughter by chance in December 1987 after being in a car accident. Since then, I’ve been experiencing her healing gifts that go well beyond skeletal adjustments. Her wide array of treatments may include a combination of sound, flower essence, deep muscle release therapies, nutritional advice and more.

I think of her as a caring, skillful gardener—while tending to your body she helps your Spirit bloom! More than twenty years later, I am still deeply grateful to that car accident back in ’87, which brought me to Dr. Slaughter.

Liliana Diaz

Seven Principles of Traditional Naturopathy

In my practice I employ Chiropractic and Traditional Naturopathy to assess individual needs. The word “chiropractic” is derived from the Greek words “cheir” and “praktkos” meaning “done by hand.” I am tactile in my work. Traditional Naturopathy means healing a “pathos” by the power of nature; that is, healing touch, pure water, clean air, rest, sunshine and wholesome foods. The seven principles of Traditional Naturopathy are:

  • First do no harm
  • Identify and treat the cause
  • Facilitate the healing power of nature
  • Treat the whole person
  • Establish health and wellness
  • Prevention is better than cure
  • Doctor as teacher

First do no harm          In my practice I follow natural medicine methods. These methods tend towards simplicity, safety and effectiveness. I refer patients to appropriate practitioners when necessary for consulting and care.

Identify and treat the cause          In any state of disease, the underlying root cause must be identified and addressed to complete the healing process. Root causes may exist on many levels: environmental, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. I work on the levels that need to be accommodated thereby incorporating health in our daily lives.

Facilitate the healing power of nature          The healing power of nature allows the body’s inherent ability to recover from disease or injury, given simple measures and the appropriate conditions. Simple measures such as physical adjustments, regulating the diet, incorporating supplements or herbs and getting necessary rest may be enough to enable nature to restore your body to optimum health. This approach has the advantage of moving you toward wellness rather than continually suppressing disease symptoms.

Treat the whole person          Traditional medicine is not so much a therapy – more a way of life. True health must involve the whole person it is mind, body and spirit. This approach is above all a way to complete health.

Establish health and wellness          The objective of my work is to achieve overall wellness and the maintenance of good health. The emphasis is on creating synergy amongst the body’s many internal systems. This is a self sustaining program that works towards self-care with guidance.

Prevention is better than cure           Prevention is a matter of self-motivated, active participation in the work of staying optimally well, without becoming obsessive. I work to inform and empower you to find the ideal, healthy balance on the path to optimal health.

Doctor as teacher          My role is to educate you with regard to lifestyle and dietary practices, which promote good health. I support and guide you in taking responsibility for your well being. The word “doctor” derives from the Latin “docere” which means “to lead” or “to teach”. I use this term in this traditional context.

My son Gavin was born with spina bifida, which causes paralysis of the legs and other neurological challenges. As an infant he was not using his left side, the medical doctors and physical therapists were extremely worried. After Dr. Sarah finished his first treatment, my infant son looked at us and rolled over using his left side and arm. Now, Gavin is on the swim team and holds his high school all-time record of gymnastic dips.

Carol P.

Occupational Therapist & Mother

What to Expect

Health history, a physical examination and hands-on treatment comprise the first visit. Wear lightweight clothing and socks that are comfortable. In addition to providing hands-on therapy, I may advise you on work ergonomics, posture, stretching, and possible food and nutritional supplements. Only if necessary, X-rays, MRI and other diagnostic tests are prescribed.
Everyone’s healing time is different. Factors that influence healing may include: how long you’ve had the condition; if you have suffered a trauma; or if the condition has developed slowly. Your constitutional health and how your ability to process stress will also affect your healing process. You may show substantial improvement with as few as three visits or the work may require more time and effort, on both our parts. Referrals are made if improvement is not forthcoming. A referring health care team can include PT, Acupuncture, MD, and exercise trainer.
My ultimate goal is to keep you pain free and healthy. My objective is to bring you to the point where you rarely need to see me except for the occasional checkup and maintenance treatment to ensure the optimum quality of life.

Sarah treats me for lower back pain due to a congenital malformation of the spine. At one point I went to a physical therapist that gave me a set of morning exercises. When I showed them to Sarah, she suggested some small modifications, which greatly extended my range of motion and flexibility well beyond what I had previously achieved. She really knows what she’s doing and I trust her. Her sessions make a big difference.

Ross C., Graphic Designer

My husband Steve and I have been seeing Dr. Sarah Slaughter for over 18 years now. During these times, she had helped us come through a major bike accident, extensive orthodontic works causing palatal and skull bones movements and various injuries. My husband refuses to see anyone else except Dr. Slaughter.  

Now that we are living more or less in Hawaii, we make sure that we get our chiropractic care from Dr. Slaughter whenever we come back to San Francisco. Additionally, after running a back-to-back marathon about four years ago, I went into adrenal burn-out. www.arltma.com/BurnoutDoc.htmMy husband is also impressed that he hardly gets sick, his allergies are also subsiding and among his friends, he appears the healthiest of all of them! Mahalo, Sarah!!  

Your grateful patients,

Margaret and Steve Roy, Punaluu, (O’ahu), HI

About Me

As a young woman I had the great fortune to work with very talented clinical practitioners who became my role models in Natural Medicine and my inspiration to pursue formal education. They helped guide me through my own early diagnosis of arthritis and asthma, both of which I have learned to manage to the point of being recovered.

  • Dr Cordelia Richmond, an osteopath, taught me to persevere and respect the discipline of natural health by using science and intuition. Through an apprenticeship I gained a broad range of techniques for treating illness.
  • •Dr Rose Ertler was a Naprapath who instilled the love and manipulation of the ribcage! The ribcage is important to the viscera and the ability of the neck to balance the cranium. (And you thought it was all tight shoulders and neck.) She loved Craniopathy and especially Sacral Occipital Technique. There is a website dedicated to her library via other mentors Dr. Elaine Stocker and Dr. De Jarnette.   http://www.dejarnettelibrary.com/

My formal training and my work with these practitioners and others taught me the art of diagnosing the origins of pain and disease. In my practice I look for the healing pathways and customize my approach to each person’s unique manifestation of illness. I use time-honored, tested hands-on therapy techniques, keeping in mind the wisdom of the body to improve and heal. My goal is always to support my patients’ capacity to listen and respond to their own needs so together we can create the conditions for a full recovery. I want to help my patients’ understand the root of their problem and come to see that healing is a natural state of the body, nurtured by good nutrition, the right treatments, movement and positive spirit. I treat the whole person and work to complement both eastern and western treatment approaches.

Additional studies were 1970’s Applied Kinesiology and in the late 1970’s started studying various cranial techniques. Also I studied in the early 1980’s the bloodless surgery or better known today as visceral manipulation. I was taught Pilates teacher training by Romana Kryanowska in 1991.


I am a lifetime learner of the healing arts and sciences. I am an avid gardener, thanks to my family. I ran a small farm with Jersey cows and have set up community gardens in senior and public housing. I have been a volunteer for gardens around San Francisco. I have petitioned state legislature on fair taxation of farmers in Massachusetts, and I belong to the Weston A. Price Organization, a national educational and legislative coalition of consumers and farmers.

Dr. Sarah Slaughter is first and foremost a healer. She is also a highly trained and skilled practitioner who uses her talent at diagnosing the origins of pain and disease to apply a variety of powerful, tested therapies to set a healing pathway that is specific to each person’s distinct expression of illness.

She taught me to have confidence that my body wants to heal and how to listen to its needs and nurture that healing, and moreover, how to create the conditions for that healing. I suffered a serious accident which involved managing 10-level sustained pain over a two-year period which kicked up my migraines from a monthly annoyance to a daily affliction. Sarah diagnosed the root of the pain, helped me to manage the bevy of Western Medical Doctors who focus on symptoms not causes, and designed a natural protocol that led to my ultimate recovery.

She never gave up at solving the puzzle of my condition and jumped the paradigms to find the solutions. She took me in as a partner and taught me to continue my self-healing. She is phenomenally dedicated to her patients. She practices with the love of a healer while bringing to bear her 20 years of experience, knowledge and credentials. All to say, I had no choice but to recover. My gratitude is forever.

Sally Jo Fifer, President, CEO

I am conveniently located off of Market and Castro.

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